[11.09.26] A-Cha MV


[Download/HQ] Super Junior – Mr.Simple MV (1920×1080)


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[11.08.05] “Mr.Simple” MV & Comeback Stage on Music Bank

The video is kind of blah for me. I like the beginning sequence though…
I am really liking the “Superman” song and choreography! I wonder why they didn’t debut with that one instead of “Mr. Simple”? Oh Well…
I was kind of iffy with MV, but the performance of “Mr. Simple” changed my mind – it’s totally better live!

see Comeback Performance here

[11.05.25] Release of “Bijin” MV ~ SJ

While this video is great, I think they should have made a better video for the Japanese fans. If they were to release an MV like this in North America, lots of people would be disappointed!
SM Entertainment needs to step it up a bit for the fans in different countries!

[11.02.16] “Too Perfect” Teaser ~ SJ-M

I was expecting WAY better than this, but since it’s not the whole video I’m hoping that it will be more awesome! From what I can see, the dance is something that would probably look better in the live performances rather than choppy fragmented cuts!