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[11.08.05] “Mr.Simple” MV & Comeback Stage on Music Bank

The video is kind of blah for me. I like the beginning sequence though…
I am really liking the “Superman” song and choreography! I wonder why they didn’t debut with that one instead of “Mr. Simple”? Oh Well…
I was kind of iffy with MV, but the performance of “Mr. Simple” changed my mind – it’s totally better live!

see Comeback Performance here

[11.08.05] “Mr. Simple” will be the last album before military enlistment

We knew it was bound to happen sooner or later, but it still comes as a surprise to fans. It looks like Heechul and Eeteuk will on their way to military service sometime in 2012 as stated in at their press conference.

Here are news articles from two different sources that have been circulating with this topic in mind:

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul have revealed that they will be enlisting in the army in 2012.

Leeteuk and Heechul were both born in 1983, and will turn 28-years-old this year. By law, the two are required to enlist by next year, as they will be 29 years old.

A representative of SM Entertainment said, “There isn’t anything decided regarding their enlistment, but because of their age, they will have to enlist sometime next year the latest.”

In effect, Super Junior’s fifth album will essentially be their final album until their discharge.

After hearing of the news, fans commented, “We feel more affection towards the album because it is their final album before their enlistment.”
– allkpop blog (view article here)

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