[12.06.20] First Photo Teaser of “Sexy, Free & Single” ~ Eunhyuk


[Download/HQ] Super Junior – Mr.Simple MV (1920×1080)


Click for MV download link

[11.08.05] “Mr.Simple” MV & Comeback Stage on Music Bank

The video is kind of blah for me. I like the beginning sequence though…
I am really liking the “Superman” song and choreography! I wonder why they didn’t debut with that one instead of “Mr. Simple”? Oh Well…
I was kind of iffy with MV, but the performance of “Mr. Simple” changed my mind – it’s totally better live!

see Comeback Performance here

[11.07.21] 5th Album Teasers ~ Donghae & Eunhyuk

Super Junior’s 5th album will be out on August 3rd, 2011 – it will be a FULL album!
For some reason I thought the picture of Eunhyuk was Eeteuk at first because of the bleach blonde hair!
I wonder how everyone else will look like?
Very Excited!!!