Worthless (Translation)

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Title: 몾났죠 / Motnatjyo / Worthless
“Oh! My Lady!” OST
Sung By:
Choi Siwon

This makes a person really bad
Im really cant face with you.
Although understanding your pain, but how can I be like this
I know that every day you want to improve better
But my heart become more tired
If we stay together, maybe both of us will be hurt
Im silently screaming
I laugh without notice
Behind you I just try to control myself not to find you anymore
But I still cannot abandon you
Youre really beautiful
I love you already
Asking you to forget me, but in fact, it just a lie
Please do not go, do not leave me alone
Please come back with me

Lyrics Source: tnkl94 @YT


5 responses to “Worthless (Translation)

    • I really love this song (Monatjiyo/Worthless) also the singer Choi Si-Won.He’s got a great voice.The Oh!My Lady is one of my favorite Korean tele-novela.

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