It’s really hard to know where everything originated from since Suju has been around for years and people are stealing credit left and right. We have stuff saved on our hard drives from eons ago (for personal uses, of course!), which makes it more difficult to decipher where and who we got it from.

So, below you will find a list of sources that we’ve used for this website and publications that we have cited. As well, we have written how we used these sources and any other text that were used/taken.
If you see something that is yours here or do not want your stuff on this website, please contact us so we can credit you properly or remove any specific items. (Most recent posts have credits at the bottom of the entries).

Thank You!

– Paraphrased profiles and history (used them as key points)
– Copied Hangul characters, birthdates and birthplaces from each of the member’s profiles
– Discography information was also taken from this website.

– The lyrics from this website is taken from various sources.
– There were only minor modifications to some of the lyrics (mostly in lyrics that were translated) and these were mostly grammar/captializations errors.