[09.11.13] [News] Siwon Shows Support for Overseas Pastor


Many of you who are followers of Super Junior probably already know that Choi Siwon is a devout Christian. It’s a fact that you simply cannot ignore, especially when you’re an avid …follower of Siwon. Well, two months ago, Siwon posted up a video link with a short message on Super Junior’s Official Home Page in regards to a pastor “he personally respects and likes.”

The pastor he is referring to is Jaeson Ma, who also happens to be an artist himself. Although the name may not sound familiar to all of you yet, there’s no doubt that you’ll know some of his friends, which include the likes of the rising hip hop group Far*east Movement and Sean of Jinusean.

Jaeson Ma has recently been traveling around the world and one of his stops included Seoul. During his time spent there last month, he performed for an event called FRESH held in Los Angeles, CA and although it’s unclear if Siwon attended, he sent his support for the pastor through a massive flower arrangement.

After the performance, Jaeson Ma twittered:

On top of FRESH, Jaeson Ma on this past Halloween travelled to Hong Kong for yet another event called Addiction to Passion where he performed with big names Jin, Van Ness Wu, Sherman Chung, and Sean (who is said to have attended the same church as Mr. Ma). And in spite of the unclear attendance at the previous event, it has been brought to our attention that Siwon had in fact showed up to this one, thus finally meeting Jaeson Ma.

Now isn’t it nice to see this handsome idol demonstrating his support for other artists as well, let alone, ones halfway around the globe?
— Allkpop

Article & Photo credit: allkpop

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