[09.11.07] New addition to SHINee ~ Leeteuk


The curse of the swine flu seems to have struck SHINee. Having only just reported hours earlier that Jonghyun had recovered fully from swine flu, it was reported now that SHINee’s leader, Onew has also been hit by it. The announcement came at around 6pm on 7th November as it was reported that Onew had developed a gentle, mild fever last night. He was sent to the hospital today and tests have shown that he has contracted swine flu. Onew has been prescribed Tamiflu and is now back home resting.
The other three SHINee members, Key, Minho and Taemin were also tested for precaution, and neither of them have shown any symptoms of the illness fortunately.
So that explains why SHINee wasn’t performing on Music Core as scheduled today.
So with Onew at home resting, it might look like SHINee will be performing as a 4-member group instead on the 8th November episode of Inkigayo. But it was revealed that Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk will take the place of Onew for tomorrow.
— Allkpop

Haha this should be an interesting one! Teukie will definitely add more character to this performance!! 🙂
Can’t wait ~

Photo & Arcticle credit: allkpop

One response to “[09.11.07] New addition to SHINee ~ Leeteuk

  1. u can watch it here, eeteuk come out at around 2mins. He dance abit at the back.

    this is when shinee won and they encored. Now, eeteuk dance with them.

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