[09.11.05][News] Yesung to replace SHINee’s Jonghyun


NOT Permanently, but just for one performance of Ring Ding Dong on the November 6th episode of Music Bank!
The reason? Because Jonghyun is currently recovering from swine flu and Super Junior Yesung wanted to support his little dongsaengs.
Yesung will sing all of Jonghyun’s parts live, which we are highly anticipating. Will Yesung be able to mesh well and keep up with the energetic members of SHINee?
— Allkpop

Wow! That’s so awesome that he wanted to support his dongsaengs! I wonder if he will also be a part of the dance performance too? Ahhh…soooo excited!!

Article & Photo credit: allkpop


One response to “[09.11.05][News] Yesung to replace SHINee’s Jonghyun

  1. oh my GAWD !!~~ I’m so glad that he is okay now TT^TT I really like him. and thanks to yesung who helped them xDDDDD


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