[09.07.16] 2PM’s Wooyoung takes Shindong’s place on ShimShim Tapa Radio

2PM’s Wooyoung took over as DJ in place of Super Junior’s Shin Dong on radio show MBC FM Sim Sim Tapa on the 15th. Due to a concert, Shindong was not present for yesterday’s recording. With the personalities of both Kim Shin Young and 2PM’s finest together, any radio show would be filled with fun and laughter.

A representative of Sim Sim Tapa radio stated, “2PM is a group that always has confidence and a charming atmosphere that captivates the people around. In particular, Wooyoung has a unique and witty mouth that will fill in Shindong’s empty seat with 200%, there is no doubt about that.”

Upon things turning out like this, Wooyoung expressed, “I feel honored to fill in for my senior Shindong as a DJ with Shin Young noona. Because I will be a DJ for this program, instead of a guest, I feel that I have a great responsibility,” and that, “In order to make this the best program, I will try hard, so I hope many people will tune in and have a great time.”

— Article Credit: allkpop


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