[09.06.24][News]Kibum will NOT perform in Super Show

Oh no! Kibum is not going to be at the Super Show concert!!
Here are two articles explaining his absence ~

” Looks like Super Junior is still going down the path of power of 12 because Kim Ki Bum will not be joining the boys during Super Show II in July. He apparently injured his foot and will be out of commission for six weeks. He’ll also need a cast as well…
They “tried” to see if he would be able to perform in the concert despite the injury, but the results (of course) returned as “He should not do any large movements or activity so he will be unable to participate in the concert. He will need to recuperate during this time“. Kibum talked about not being able to join the group and said ‘I’m really sorry for making everyone inconvenienced due to my injury. I’m really disappointed that I cannot participate in the concert with anyone and all of the members are practicing extra hard so that my empty spot will not be missed. I really hope that everyone really anticipates this concert.‘ …For the 12 that are actually performing, ‘The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW II’ will start on the 17th and end on the 19th of July. ” — Article Credits: allkpop

Article #2
“… Super Junior is expected to hold their second Asia tour, titled “Super Show 2,” beginning July 17th in Seoul. There’s been a lot of hype over this concert, since there’s been word that Kangin has written a special song called ‘Carnival’ that he will debut at the tour, and also because AWOL member Ki-bum was actually participating in the preparations for the tour.
Unfortunately for all the remaining Ki-bum loyalists, it turns out Ki-bum is NOT going to be participating in Super Show 2… On June 13th, Ki-bum was apparently hard at work getting back into shape, when he tragically fell down and injured his left leg. His doctor advised him not to perform any powerful dance moves, and that it would be best if he just did not participate in the concert at all…Ki-bum has to remain in a cast and continue receiving treatment for six weeks…”
— Article credits: popseoul


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